On November 30, 2012 by danielhalsall in Commissioned Work


This is an advertisement for WeCycle, an organisation which encourages kids to recycle. They do this by providing special recycle boxes in schools. The advertisement was commissioned by MTV Networks, produced by L-A-D-A and cut together by Taylored Tales.


The advertisement contained several different scenes which needed to be cut into a fifteen second and a thirty second version. They had a great cast of kids, and the choreography in the shots was great. It was fun working with the director who gave very specific notes as to what he wanted, and it was a pleasure working with the solid footage.


When you just have fifteen seconds to tell a story with multiple scenes it’s important to balance how long each scene takes. When do you step in the scene, but also, when do you step out? I had to look at what is the core of what we are trying to communicate to the viewer and how do you keep it minimal and down to the essentials. Should I keep a funny part or something terrific that happened, or will it throw things out of balance? All in all it was a fun commercial to do.