Stillwave – Slow Binders

On December 17, 2015 by danielhalsall in Music

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Slow Binders is a song by the Dutch indie band Stillwave. The videoclip was written and directed by Daniel T. Halsall.

The song in their own words is about: “taking a few steps back, looking at your life and, against expectations, finding peace with what you see.”

The song Slow Binders is very dynamic, with parts of the song turning into quiet tranquil reservoirs only to be followed by faster ominous parts. So dramatically it worked very well for the videoclip, there was a lot to play with story-wise.

Because the theme is very much about looking back and the current moment I chose to use match-framed juxtapositions to show the past and context between frames and hint at the story behind the story.


I had been wanting to work with actors Marije de Jong and Alin Wishka for quite a long time. We only had one tightly packed day to shoot the four minute video which had a lot of scene changes. The two of them were absolutely solid in their performances and flexibility.

The clip was shot on an extremely low budget, the D.P. Kirtan Hummelen did a great job with his gaffers making the most out of the lighting and shooting it on a shoelace budget. We shot the videoclip anamorphically on a Sony F5, I really like the look and what it does to the textures. With the added bonus that it distinguishes itself from all the characterless sharp lensed DSLR footage out there.


It was an extremely long shoot (18 hours) so we could make the most out of the equipment, straight afterwards I had four hours to catch a plane for an important Festival in Berlin. It was madness. For the nostalgic of you, a fun fact, almost everything you see in the clip doesn’t exist anymore (in it’s current form). The car shortly after didn’t get through the car inspection and had to be taken to the junkyard, the housing complex got demolished and doesn’t exist anymore. So enjoy this testament to history!