Rouwbijbel – Niet Genoeg

On July 1, 2014 by danielhalsall in Music

about / vision

‘Rouwbijbel’ was a project to capture on film the intense rawness of musician Timon Borgdorff‘s songs from the Boetepsalm project (which translates to penitential psalm).


When I first heard the songs their bare and nakedness hit me. You could hear the artist really put his heart and soul into each track. So when thinking about how to portray them in a videoclip style I decided to keep it intimate, try and really capture the feelings behind the songs. That meant no pre-recorded track and have him playback the words, I wanted it as pure and as raw as I could.

So I had the music producers re-record the tracks while we were shooting. Something which of course opens up a slew of problems. You have to have big bulky equipment in place and everyone needs to be completely silent on set. Now I wanted the films to have a certain stillness but yet also be dynamic, the emotions were front and center in the film. Like for instance in wrecking ball, when there’s the long close-up of Miley Cyrus’ face, it’s intriguing, it captures your attention. This changed the feel of the films, it isn’t your regular fast cut videoclip, they have their own tempo and feel.


All of the films were recorded in one day, in and around a burnt down church. Kirtan Hummelen shot the films anamorphically on a RED One. We had Jeroen Drost doing the art-direction and Arjan de Wit from Roomservice Music as the sound producer / recordist. It was a great team effort and one I’m quite proud of.

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