Becel Keuken Light

On June 29, 2014 by danielhalsall in Commissioned Work


This is a tag-on the advertisements for the light version of Becel cooking oil. In the previous advertisements we saw the Dutch Olympic ice-skating coach Henk Gemser tell everyone they can do things much better. Eat better that is, by using Becel products which are much healthier than olive oil. In this version, we reveal that his wive does the same to him when he gets home. The agency which commissioning the advertisement was Grey, the production company was L-A-D-A and Daniel T. Halsall did the editing.


Advertisements don’t seem like it, but they are quite tricky to edit. There are a lot of parties involved that all have a say; the director, agency and client. The upside of that is that you get to pick up a lot of nuggets of wisdom from very experienced people who all approach the advertisement from a different direction, I learnt a great deal from editing advertisements.


The process of editing an advertisement is quiet fun, it’s great to piece together the beautiful crafted elements and then trying to make them work optimally, giving the ad some punch and persuading people to buy the products. Because it’s so short, every decision you make and every shot makes a big difference.