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The Silent Famine

On November 14, 2015 by danielhalsall in Documentary

about / vision Famine often grabs the headlines as big international charity organisations try to mobilise their loyal supporters to help the starving people ‘there’. Meanwhile a hundred million unseen and unheard people suffer the same desperate hunger year after year. This documentary sheds light on the sub-Saharan Burkina Faso, where people from the villages […]

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Sylvestre’s Story

On July 1, 2014 by danielhalsall in Documentary

about / vision Rwanda: 1994. After helping people escape over the border into Congo, Sylvestre does not feel like a hero. He struggles with shame, guilt and anger. Why didn’t he save his friends from the Genocide? How can the same type of people they worked so hard on saving, afterwards wrongfully accuse and imprison […]

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On June 30, 2014 by danielhalsall in Commissioned Work, Documentary

about Meeta is a true story which is narrated by ‘Meeta’ herself and portrayed by an actress. Life is hard for Meeta who lives in a rural village. She dreams of becoming a star, a Bollywood actress or singer. Financial hardships cause Meeta to find comfort in a new friendship with a neighbour from her […]

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